Popular Media Outlet Recognizes Bowling Green's Growth

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Bowling Green's TIF (tax increment financing) dollars were mentioned in one of the country's most popular media outlets
Tuesday's edition of The New York Times brought attention to WKU's partnership with downtown Bowling Green.
WKU students can expect some new eye candy this academic year, as a few of the campus's long awaited projects are coming together.
Dero Downing Student Union, previously known as DUC, is just weeks away from its grand opening.
Four new fraternity houses, closer to downtown, are worth nearly $3,000,000. But, the growth expands further than The Hill.
"As the TIF district develops from our new Medical Center facility, where we have nursing and physical therapy classes, all the way to the top of the hill, is just awesome,” said Bryan Russell, Chief Facilities Officer, WKU.
Warren County Downtown Economic Development Chairman, Doug Gorman, says The New York Times reached out to Bowling Green to formulate the recent article.
"The stronger the relationship with Bowling Green and WKU, everyone wins,” said Brian Meredith, WKU's Chief Enrollment Officer.
Judge Mike Buchanon was quoted in the article saying "We're trying to retain our young people. You can't grow a community with only retirees. That eventually catches up with you."
The judge went on to say "None of it has been easy. We are all so proud of the excitement, activity, investments, commerce and new life it is bringing to downtown Bowling Green.”
In the article, Doug Gorman says the tax district is expected to deliver $200,000,000 to Warren County and Bowling Green, by 2037.
The National Corvette Museum and General Motors Assembly Plant were also mentioned in The New York Times article.

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