UPDATE: Tornado Hits Grayson County

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UPDATE: The National Weather Service has confirmed the storm in Horntown was in fact an EF-2 tornado.

Sarah Manion was working at the Horntown General Store during the storm when a man came frantically running inside.

"Tornado is here! And I said surly not, and he said yeah! And it was right here where this truck was at and I said, okay it's time to go to the cooler!...it was terrible, it felt like everything was going to go on top of us!"

She says they took cover as quickly as they could.

"I said, do you think it's over? He said, I'll go check and he went checked and said yeah it's over."

But the cleanup from this tornado is far from over.

Dwayne Decker has lived in his home for 16 years, now it's destroyed.

He was at work when the storm hit.

"Of course you don't know how bad it is when you hear your roof has torn off until you get here," says Decker, "I pulled up and everything I worked for is gone."

Decker and his wife's belongings thrown across the street.

Their two son's toys and clothes found in the yard next door.

"You see all this stuff happen on T.V. and you never think it'll happen to you but unfortunately it did," he says.

Today this small community came together to help everyone who lost their home.

Grayson County Judge Executive, Gary Logsdon was out helping clean up, "when you look around here and see all the debris we are still blessed and there have been some homes lost but no lives and that's the main thing."

"I can't say enough about this help," says Decker, "my family is okay, we'll get through it."

People in the area say this is the worst storm they've seen in years.