Power Lines Down on Highland Way

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- Many woke up to snow falling in our area this morning, but others woke up to a something that left a bigger mark. A tree on Highland Way gave way to the high winds in Bowling Green this morning, taking out power to multiple homes in the area.

The woman who lived in the home says the tree had been leaning for quite a while, but she was still startled by the loud fall.

"I was on my cell phone with my daughter who lives in Hendersonville," said Bowling Green homeowner Jody Johnson, "I said, 'The wind is so high. I'm surprised because it didn't look like that a few minutes ago.' Then suddenly we had a thump, and I looked out the front window and this tree had come up from it's roots and fallen across my neighbor's driveway."

Johnson says emergency responders and BGMU technicians were on the scene within minutes.

Though she didn't have power she says her house is still warm, and she expects things to be back up and running very soon.