What Would You Do If You Won the Powerball?

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The Powerball Jackpot has reached record numbers of $550 million, and the country is in a frenzy to buy tickets for tonight's drawing.

"I'll buy a house, buy a vehicle, spoil my grandson, and get my kids the stuff that we never could afford to get," Bowling Green resident, Jerry Hills says.

"I would like to have a really nice RV. A 1.5 million to 2 million dollar RV," Mark Eastin of Bowling Green says.

While your more likely to be struck by lightning than winning the lottery this time around, it's still fun to think about what could buy with $550 million.

"For a mere $150,000 they can have everything on this display. It's a combination of pearls, diamonds, rose gold and white gold with diamonds, really precious jewelry. If you're spending that kind of money you'd want to invest in fine jewelry," Michael Barron, with Morris Jewelry, says.

If that price tag isn't big enough for your $550 million taste, Morris Jewelry can custom order any size diamond you can imagine from Belgium.

"If we're playing who won the lottery, the one that I'd pick up immediately is a $2.9 million listing, and it's out in the River Green Development. It's a spectacular home. It sits on some acreage, and it has every amenity in the world," Greg Preston, with Crye-Leike Executive Realty, says.

This house has the most expensive price tag on the market in Warren County right now.

If you were to win the jackpot, you would be able to purchase this same house more than 180 times over.

And with that amount of money, it doesn't stop there.

With an annual budget of approximately $93 million, you could pay for Bowling Green's expenses for nearly six years.

You have until 9 tonight to purchase your Powerball ticket.

The drawing will be held at 10.

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