Prayer Breakfast Donates to Hotel Inc.

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The Annual Prayer Breakfast was held this morning at the Corvette Museum.

While the event is free, donations are gathered each year for any given charity.

This year's beneficiary was Hotel Inc, a non-profit designed to help those in poverty.

Col. Paul Longgrear served in Vietnam.

He is now going around the country telling his story about how he found Christianity during a battle he thought he wouldn't survive.

"I was just a punk kid on the street. I mean, I wasn't raised religious. In fact, I got in trouble in high school and had to go to another high school to live with my uncle who they thought could handle me. But when I met Jesus it changed my life and I became a productive citizen of America," Col. Longgrear says.

He says his goal is to encourage people to reach for their dreams, and let Christianity lead the way.

Those with the Corvette Museum estimate around $5,500 was raised for Hotel Inc.

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