Preparations Begin for Balloons, Tunes, and BBQ

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The 2014 “Balloons, Tunes, and Barbecue” festival kicks off tomorrow night, and preparations have already begun.

Today, along the airport's runway, carnival crews and vendors worked to prepare for the 24th annual event.

"We've been setting up, restocking everything, and getting it ready for the big crowd. And, trying to make sure we're ready when we people get here," Vendor, Vonnie Richards said.

The preparations look a bit different from a couple thousand feet above.

"You got to spend the last two hours in my office. I shared my daily office with you, and I don't think you've ever seen Bowling Green quite the way we saw it tonight," SkyCab Balloon Promotion's, Scott McClinton said.

Visitors will also have the chance to go up in a balloon.

"On Friday night, they can take a tether ride, so, the balloons go up about 25 feet on some ropes. They're going to get to see and feel the same thing you felt. We're going to escape some gravity, go up 25 feet, for 5 minutes, and come back down," McClinton said.

But, you can also enjoy the balloons if you would rather keep your feet on the ground.

“They'll get to see a balloon glow at dark. We'll light them up like 30 giant candles. Over the weekend, they'll get to see balloon competitions. The balloons will be flying into the airport Saturday night, and we'll fly from the airport before the concern starts," McClinton said.

One carnival supervisor says he looks forward to coming to Bowling Green every year.

"Honestly, it's the people. You go different places, every week, and you always meet a different variety of people, and it's kind of like a southern comfort," Warren Chapman said.

All proceeds from the festival benefit the United Way of Southern Kentucky.

The will gates open tomorrow night at 5.

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