Preparing For Storm Season In Kentucky

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WARREN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Hail, high winds, and destruction isn't something that happens in south central Kentucky everyday. However, spring storm season is around the corner and the likelihood of those things colliding with your home may go up.

"They do happen. They happen anywhere the wind can get going. If it finds a nice area where it's flat enough to get some speed up it's going to go," said Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for Barren River District Health Department, Janarae Conway.

You don't have to travel too far in south central Kentucky to see the power of a tornado. Just talk to folks in Smiths Grove. They'll tell you they still intensely remember damage left behind from a tornado more than one year ago.

"We never imagined that something could lift up three feet of concrete with a ten foot piece of steel on top of it and throw it out into the yard 30 feet away," Esli Pelly of Smiths Grove.

The Pelly Farm and the Bryce Inn were two places hardest hit by a twister that dropped down in January of 2013. Each of their recoveries are progressing well.

People in communities like Smiths Grove said they're now more aware and prepared for severe weather. One thing preparedness experts say may be the most important part of that process, is having an emergency kit.

"Basic things like peanut butter and crackers is a non-perishable food item. Flashlights, extra batteries, a battery powered radio, some gloves. You'll need both medical gloves as well as your work gloves. If you've got debris you'll need something to protect your hands," added Conway.

If you have a kit and are inside an interior room of your home when severe weather strikes, you should be covered. Disaster preparedness experts said anytime there is a tornado warning, It should be taken seriously and under no circumstance should you go outside.

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