Preparing for Election Day

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Due to redistricting, Warren County Clerk, Dot Owens says officials have created more precincts. There are now 121 precincts, but only 88 of these have voters residing in them.

"This should make a shorter line at the polls when you go to vote. We had 64 precincts, now we have 88, so it should spread it out," said Dot Owens, Warren County Clerk.

A lot of voters will be voting in a different location than past elections.

"Now that is confusing to a lot of people. If they will call, we can tell them where they can go vote." said Dot Owens, Warren County Clerk.

This will prevent redirecting people who arrive at the wrong precinct. If you are unsure of your commitment to voting on Election Day, absentee voting has started. Although it is too late to mail in your absentee ballot, you can visit the County Clerk's Office.

"If you're going to be out of town or something like that, we usually open early (and of course we close the 20th) but we open it early to give everyone the chance to vote," said Dot Owens, Warren County Clerk.

Regardless of how you choose to vote, exercising your right, is recommended.

"If you want to put somebody in office who you think will do a good job, then there ya go, go vote" said Dot Owens, Warren County Clerk.

Election Day is Tuesday, May 20, 2014.

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