Preparing for United Way's Day of Caring

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- One day set aside for the entire community to give back, that is the purpose of United Way's Day of Caring.

"It's a day full of work and it's the most rewarding work," said Lynn Hulsey, Family Enrichment Center

United Way's Day of Caring is all about stepping away from your desk and stepping out into our community.
The focus is the needs of our local non profit organizations and completing projects they have, where funds and skills might not be available.

"On this one day we typically have over 800 volunteers who come out and complete almost sixty projects all across southern Kentucky," said Mandy Hicks, United Way of Southern Kentucky.

Allen County, Barren County, Logan County, Simpson County and Warren County all participate in this special day.

"Here in warren county, we have about fifteen or so who are still looking for volunteers. Anything from half day to full day increments," said Mandy Hicks, United Way of Southern Kentucky.

Family Enrichment Center, in Warren County, has three particular projects, expecting nearly fifty volunteers.

"BGMU is going to come and work on our new playground that will be near our Wee Care building out back. Afni will be over at our Wee Care building and Western Kentucky Athletics will be working on the other end of the building, helping St. Vincent DePaul do some clean up and stuff down there," said Lynn Hulsey, Family Enrichment Center.

Day of Caring proves that money can only go so far and participation is equally appreciated.

"At the end of the day, we are all exhausted from the work that we did. But, we sure do feel good about it that night. Those non-profit agencies that received help that day are just eternally grateful to those volunteers who just took a little bit of time to come out and help," said Mandy Hicks, United Way of Southern Kentucky.

This year's Day of Caring is Wednesday, July 23.

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