Progress Being Made After Basil Griffin Park Fire

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WARREN CO., Ky. (WBKO) -- The fire that ripped through the concession stand building at Basil Griffin Park in December made the building a total loss, and it has since been demolished.

However, Friday morning the Warren County Fiscal Court approved the funding of new equipment through insurance.

"Right now, all the lights for all the score boards, ball fields, score boxes -- it's all disconnected. Unfortunately all that wiring for that stuff was in the building that burned down. So today in court we got authorization to purchase that hardware that will enable us to get power back to the ball field lights, the scoreboards, the score boxes," said Chris Kummer, the director of Warren County Parks.

The PeeWee Baseball League and the Warren County Youth Volleyball League, both non-profit organizations, stored equipment inside and lost it all.

"It actually was just purchased. We replaced that equipment in the fall. So we lost 125 volleyballs and bags to hold them," said Joe Ray, the president of the Warren County Youth Volleyball League.

"We're going to help them purchase the equipment. Once the equipment is purchased, it will be relinquished back over to those independent programs. They will have to find housing or storage for their equipment from here on out, outside of parks grounds," Kummer said.

About $3,000 worth of volleyball equipment will be replaced in time for sign-ups in February.

"It was ordered and will be here in time. We'll make sure that we have the right equipment in the hands of the coaches and the players. They'll always have what they need," Ray said.

Almost $11,000 worth of equipment for the PeeWee Baseball League also will be replaced.

Kummer said the electric should be turned on next month so people can use the facilities.

"We're working on getting portable toilets for our spring season. We've made arrangements with our concession vendor to have portable concessions there," he said.

Kummer said construction of the new building could start in March.

Also approved this morning, increasing water flow of the fire hydrant at the park to 2,500 gallons per minute, up from the current 500 gallons.

Kummer said if it had already been that way, the building might not have been a total loss, as the low water pressure forced firefighters to fill up the trucks with lake water, delaying the time of extinguishing the flames.

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