Project MATCH Foster Parent and Adoption Fair

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Governor Beshear has declared November Adoption Awareness Month and there are events all over the area to inform people about it.

Project MATCH hosted a foster parent and adoption recruitment fair today in Bowling Green.

Several private organizations were set up so people could learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent.

The fair helped to dispel myths about adoption and encouraged prospective parents.

Many children in Kentucky need permanent homes.

"Over 7000 children in foster care currently. Of those 7000 we have over 800 that are free for adoption and that are waiting for an adoptive home," said Kentucky Adoption Program Manager Mike Grimes.

"I got adopted last year. It was in November. It was a great experience because i went through 8 foster homes and through the 9th one I finally found my forever family," said 18-year-old B.J. Ball of Bowling Green.

There are going to be more events like this during November to continue to raise awareness.

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