Propane Delivery Shortage Taking Toll

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A few weeks ago WBKO reported about a shortage of the ability to ship propane to our area. The situation hasn't gotten any better. Propane sources all around south central Kentucky are being swamped with calls. Companies said the issue is due to limited pipelines for a whole lot of shipping needs.

"The pipelines come from down in Texas. They ship it up through pipelines to the northeast and northwest. Right now there's more Shell gas being pumped from the north down the pipeline to Texas than they're shipping propane up the pipeline," commented Miller's Bottled Gas General Manager, David Miller.

Miller's Bottled Gas said they're receiving calls from non-customers at a very rapid rate seeing where they can find gas. They're currently able to fill up normal customers, but not at the level they would like.

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