Study Suggests Removal Of Green River Dam

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BROWNSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- The loud sound of rushing water may be a bit calmer at Green River Dam Number Six in Edmonson County if a recommendation by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is put into action.

"We are recommending removal, specifically for safety reasons. Green River Number Six, is in pretty poor condition. There's some active seepage underneath the concrete apron that covers up an old rock and timber crick unlamented underneath the dam," said U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Community Planner, Nathan Moulder.

The groups says the move would allow more mileage for free flowing water on the river, enhancing the natural state.

The proposed removal of the dam would no doubt have a big effect on the Green River above ground, but it also may have a big effect on the river below ground as well.

"In Mammoth Cave, all of the things we tour through are above the Green River. Where the river is inside the cave, it's at the same level as the Green River is behind me. Whatever happens to Green River, it's a big part of the formation of Mammoth Cave. It's a big part of the story of Mammoth Cave," said Mammoth Cave National Park Public Information Officer, Vickie Carson.

According to park officials, not only would more free flowing water flush built up silt out of the caves, it would also aid endangered species found throughout the park.

"That's where we have the greatest diversity of animals in the river. We have over 50 species of river muscles. Seven of those are endangered species. It's the natural habitat for them," added Carson.

In the past, people in the Brownsville area have supported keeping the dam to allow water levels to stay up for the county's water district intake, as well as ferries used for transportation.

The public has a chance to respond to the U.S. Army Corps proposal until March 17.

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