Proposed Animal Hoarding Ban Ordinance

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An ordinance aimed at the prevention of animal hoarding will soon be up for a vote in Franklin.

The Franklin City Commission is considering a new animal control ordinance prohibiting pet hoarding, but no specifics on the number of animals has been outlined.

The Simpson County Animal Shelter has some concerns about the proposal.

"Some people can have eight or ten animals and take very good care of them, and I wouldn't consider that hoarding. I don't really want to see a number that limits anybody, but I definitely want to see something more focused on the care of the animals," said Simpson County Animal Shelter Director Ruth Garriott.

Garriott says she hopes the ordinance addresses things like housing, food and vaccinations.

She says she has a meeting with city commissioners to discuss the shelter's concerns, before they vote on the issue.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for next Monday.

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