Public Meets to Discuss Safety Concerns about US 68

METCALFE COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) -- Tonight was an early preliminary meeting for people in the Metcalfe and Green Counties area to talk about US 68.

One of the biggest concerns is making 68 safer either through a complete reconstruction or focusing on the dangerous areas of the road.

"What can we do to address some of the worst locations early on? The reason we're looking at that second option is because a complete reconstruction of US 68, the 22 miles I just mentioned, that's going to be over $100 million project," said Project Manager Brian Aldridge.

So, the state's plan is to attack the worst parts.

"I live right in a very dangerous S-curvy area, so I'm pretty sure they're going to be straightening out and widening the roads. It will be a good effect for everyone on this road," said Tammy White, lives on US 68 in Metcalfe County.

State officials are focused on specific parts of the US 68 corridor in Metcalfe and Green County as well as a Connector in Greensburg for 68.

"I hope they keep it to a minimum what they have to do what they're going to have to disturb like houses and that type of things, but they do need to straighten the curves," said White.

Metcalfe County officials hope widening the dangerous areas will not only make things safer, but help the economy.

"This is a safety concern, and hopefully an economic development concern that we can bring jobs and different things to our county and community from that corridor being built," said Metcalfe County Judge-Executive Greg Wilson.

Kentucky transportation officials said they will take all of the people's concerns into consideration.

Officials say they will have another meeting later this summer to talk about the ideas they were given.

It will still be a few years before there would be any construction.

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