Pulaski County Mobile Home Burns, Is Robbed, Then Burned Again

EUBANK, Ky. (WKYT) Fire and theft investigations are ongoing after a burned home was burglarized, then caught fire a second time.

When the home on Closade Road caught fire on November 2 firefighters were able to save it. The chief of the Science Hill Fire Department says the fire started near a furnace. The people who lived there were in the process of moving but still had most of their belongings inside.

The day after the fire a neighbor called the owners to tell them they saw someone packing out boxes of tools, clothes and whatever else they could carry.

"What didn't get smoke damage they packed out of there," Elizabeth Owens said. "I don't understand people, I don't."

The Pulaski County Sheriff's Department is investigating that theft.

On November 9 Owens got a second call, the home had caught fire again, this time destroying it.

Once the second fire was out Science Hill firefighters called arson investigators from the Somerset Fire Department. Those investigators say they believe someone set the second fire.

Owens says being the victim of theft, then arson is pushing her to a breaking point. Now she waits as police and firefighters conduct two separate investigations.

"It's tearing me up and today is the day I've had all that I can take," she said.

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