Rain at Barren River Lake Doesn't Stop 4th of July Celebrations

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While the rain caused many in our area to cancel or postpone their Fourth of July plans, some at Barren River Lake didn't let the weather ruin their traditions.

The rain couldn't keep everyone out of the water.

"We are camping at Barren River and we're fixing to get on the lake and get drenched... put some ponchos on and get soaked," said one boater Candace Hutton.

With music and games still on for the day, many weathered the storms to celebrate.

"We have still done our activities. It has just made it where we had to rearrange where we go inside to do some of them," said Parks Programs Supervisor Jamie Avery.

One activity they didn't stay inside for was the "Whatever Floats Your Boat Race." Teams had about 30 minutes to build a boat out of cardboard and duct tape and make it float.
Many of the boats became submarines fast, but even in the rain everyone seemed to enjoy the race.

"People were just glad to still be able to do something because they could go out on the lake, so I think it brought more people in for us," said Avery.

And the weather didn't stop the fireworks either.

"We're dye hards and we love tradition. Traditionally, it's my understanding that this fireworks has gone on no matter rain or shine," said Resort Park Manager Lisa Davis.

The Friends of Barren River Lake and Park now fund that tradition Davis says can't be stopped.

"They are the ones who provide funding for the fireworks. Without them it would not happen," said Davis.

Davis says anyone interested in supporting the park or the annual fireworks can become a volunteer.

Avery says the Fourth of July is the resort's biggest holiday for business, and despite the rain, she was still satisfied with the turnout.

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