Rand Paul's Practice Merges with Downing-McPeak

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Now that Bowling Green ophthalmologist Rand Paul has officially become a United States Senator, where does that leave his former patients?

His practice sat empty today, not a single pair of glasses in sight.

While Paul was being sworn into the Senate, his patients also learned of their next step.

Dr. Paul mailed a letter to patients today referring them to Downing-McPeak Vision Centers, located just across the street from his practice.

His practice has merged with the Centers in his absence.

"We're very glad that Dr. Paul chose us to merge his practice as he's been elected to the US Senate. His patients are welcome to come and see us here at Downing-McPeak Vision Centers. We have full medical and surgical eye care here available," said Dr. Allan Price of Downing-McPeak.

Paul's employees did not make the switch to the new location.

"His employees have stuck with him and are working locally in the senate office at this time," said Price.

Some of Dr. Paul's patients have already been to Downing-McPeak, and the doctors here are very pleased to be having a new influx of customers.

"It's always good for business to have more people coming through the door and we are glad we're here to serve the community and look forward to taking care of more people," said Price.

Price added that "patients can call our office at 781-4909 and set up an appointment and we'll be glad to direct them to the correct physician."

As Senator Paul sets his sights on the Senate, he sees that his patients are in good hands.

Downing-McPeak is located at 1403 Andrea Street in Bowling Green.

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