Students Feel Unsafe After Rash of Robberies

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A rash of robberies near the WKU campus has students in the area questioning their safety.

Last night's events have some students saying they won't be walking alone.

"I don't walk anywhere by myself, not after all the stuff that's happened," says WKU junior, McKenzie Halcomb.

Three different people who were robbed between 1 and 2 this morning all gave police the same description-- two black males in black hoodies.

"All of the victims said they were walking up the street, and were approached by two black males. The black males then pointed hand guns at them and demanded all of the money in their wallets," says Officer Ronnie Ward, Bowling Green Police Public Information Officer.

While the string of robberies last night did not happen on the WKU campus, the student body received a text message on their cell phones saying the robberies occurred, leaving students in the area feeling unsafe.

"I got up and ran to the living room and we pushed the futon in front of our front door, and I took one of our dining room chairs and shoved it under our back door," says WKU junior, Heather Blohm.

WKU junior, Keven Bratcher and his roommates will often sit on their front porch at night, but that changed last night.

"I was pretty alarmed and didn't want to step outside for a long time, because I heard they had guns and they were robbing people," Bratcher says.

"I've always felt safe here and it's like I didn't feel safe all of the sudden," Halcomb says.

Some people were thankful for the police.

"I felt a little more comfortable since they came out and looked at what was going on. It would have been a little more uncomfortable if they hadn't come out to look at what was going on," WKU junior, Hannah Brown says.

Police later found two black males in white tank tops on Center St. who ran from them.

"Officers were able to search the area where that incident happened and found a BB gun pistol on the ground. We also found one of the victim's cell phone close by the area," Officer Ward says.

The two men have not been caught.

Police have not determined if the BB gun was related to the robberies.

If you have any information about these robberies, call Crime Stoppers at 781-CLUE.

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