Realtors Choose Tents Over Homes This Weekend

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- They've been feeling all the physical elements.

"It has been cold. It has been hot. It's been a little bit wet," explained Katharina Cisco, the chairperson of the Community Service Committee.

They're putting themselves in the shoes of the homeless.

"Psychologically, you start really thinking about what those people go through. We're doing it only for a short time," Cisco said.

They're taking a break from selling homes to sleep in tents for three nights.

"This is more than us just selling homes. Realtors are fortunate the type of business to be in that we're able to help others," said Bobby Hunton, the president of the Realtors Association.

It's all to raise awareness about hunger and homelessness in our community.

"We have roughly 7,900 kids that are in Bowling Green-Warren County that are on lunch programs. When we end our school year -- they get two meals a day typically at school here. When we end our school year, a lot of them don't have anything to eat," Hunton said.

That's why they're hoping to collect 16,000 pounds of food for the Family Resource Center and Hotel Inc. to fill food pantries for the summer.

They say businesses and people in the area are getting them close to that goal.

"Right there is a great example. We have a lady with bags of food, dropping off. Our community is helping us so tremendously because they see the need, they see that our children go hungry, that families go hungry, individuals go hungry," Cisco said.

Last year, they were able to provide over 8,000 pounds of food to the food pantries -- twice what they got the first year.

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