Record Breaking Donations for Feed the Need

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- "With this being our sixth year, we couldn't be more than pleased to announce that more than 60,000 items have come into these local food pantries and we still have items that are rolling in today. So we still have numbers going up and up and up," said Mandy Hicks, United Way of Southern Kentucky.

United Way works with the community to collect food for local food banks. This non profit partners with local businesses and groups to provide food for families in need.

"Last year, in Warren County alone, we collected around 30,000 items. This year alone, Fruit of the Loom collected over 34,000 items for food banks right here in Warren County," said Mandy Hicks, United Way of Southern Kentucky.

Fruit of the Loom has been a contributor every year, but this year they collaborated differently.

"We wanted to make it fun for the employees, so we devised a competition. We wanted to increase the participation of the donated items by 43%. We really had no idea going into this about how big this was really going to get," Kristy McCrory, Fruit of the Loom's Vice President of Human Resources.

Truck loads of food were driven to Salvation Army and organized by nearly five hundred volunteers.

"We're just seeing the excitement grow in this community. People are just wanting to give back. We've had more volunteers than ever this year and more items. People could be seeing other people struggling that they've never seen before, and now their saying, wow that could be me. I want to help give back,” said Mandy Hicks, United Way of Southern Kentucky.

The food is housed at the Salvation Army, then dispersed to local food banks such as BRASS and Community Action.

If you are interested in donating, click on one of the links provided.

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