Red Bull Shooting a Water Sports Video in Bowling Green

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Red Bull is shooting a water sport's video right here in Bowling Green.

When they asked Lost River Cave if they could have a professional athlete wakeskate inside the cave, officials were skeptical at first.

Red Bull sent them videos of their athletes doing amazing stunts in huge lakes, but none were done in an enclosed area like a cave.

But now, local personnel and Red Bull are working together preparing the cave for the beverage company to shoot a video of one of their athletes inside.

Wakeskating athlete Brian Grubb says he's excited to take on the underground version of wakeskating.

"This one is not as risky as probably a lot of the stuff that we've done, you know. I mean the rail is not too crazy or anything. It's kind of just taking what we do on a regular basis on a normal lake or whatever, and putting it into kind of a tight spot. But, just the fact that we are riding underground is just a really cool thing," Grubbs says.

The video will premiere online, on Alliance Wakeskate Magazine's website, sometime in May.

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