Red Cross Volunteers En Route to Aid in Disaster Relief

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The Red Cross volunteers from South Central Kentucky are on their way to the North to help out.

We spoke with one team of volunteers, who told us they were in Pennsylvania.
The duo is headed to Middletown, New York to aid in disaster relief with what's left from Sandy.

They say they will be helping out with taking food and water to shelters, as well as delivering blankets and cots to those in need.

The team started their journey to the disaster-stricken area, around 4:00 Tuesday afternoon.

"We started out yesterday morning. We went to Murray and picked up the Emergency Response Vehicle and we brought it back to Bowling Green, and shortly after we got back yesterday afternoon we got our assignment as to where we are going. We have two other ERV's in front of us. One actually went through, or attempted to go through West Virginia, and they turned around and backtracked about a hundred miles because of snow," says one volunteer.

The volunteer says, they're expecting to be in Middletown by 10:00 tonight.

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