Red Wolf Born at Land Between the Lakes

File Picture of Red Wolfs
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GOLDEN POND, Ky. (AP) -- There's a new arrival at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area -- a baby red wolf.

The recreation area in western Kentucky says the three-quarter-pound female wolf was born early last month. The parents are a pair of captive, endangered red wolves at the Woodlands Nature Station.

The female pup is just now emerging from her den and stretching her legs, followed by her attentive parents. Officials say she will remain with her parents for at least 18 months and then be transferred to a zoo or nature center to start her own pack.

Darrin Samborski, facility manager for the Nature Station, says the pup will become more visible as she gets older and braver.

The Nature Station has been involved with the Red Wolf Recovery Program since 1991.

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