Redistricting Hits Area Lawmakers Hard

A house committee has pushed through a redistricting bill that hits area lawmakers hard.

For republican Representatives Jim DeCesare, C.B. Embry Jr., and Michael Meredith it's like deja vu.

A new proposed redistricting plan puts the three representatives in one district against each other.

"The house democrats decided it was probably in their best interest to put three republicans together again. That way the can eliminate two in one shot," said Rep. Jim DeCesare, (R) Rockfield.

"It seems like house leadership doesn't give any credence to the fact of the level of work or the level of devotion that any of us have given to this office," said Rep. Michael Meredith, (R) Brownsville.

Redistricting is a very divisive topic and comes up every ten years in accordance with the census.

The democrat house leadership created a plan last year that put the three of them together, but it was struck down by the State Supreme Court.

"I was somewhat surprised. I didn't think they'd do it again, about exactly like they did it last year," said Rep. C.B. Embry Jr., (R) Morgantown.

Democratic House Speaker Greg Stumbo said this year's plan wasn't political, but an attempt to follow the court's directions.

"There are probably not three people, three representatives that work any harder than the three of us do to represent the people that we are elected to represent," said Meredith.

Here's how the districts line up currently, and how it would be under the new proposal.

DeCesare has part of Warren County, Meredith has Edmonson, Hart and Larue, and Embry has Butler, Grayson, and part of Hardin.

The new plan makes a district out of Butler, Edmonson, and part of Warren to include all three.

With the news being so fresh, it isn't clear what the lawmakers will do.

The proposed plan would also create an entirely new district in Warren County that would include the areas around Richardsville and Oakland.

This redistricting bill is now in the full house for consideration.

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