Reflecting on "I Have a Dream" Speech Fifty Years Later

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As we remember Dr. King, it would be hard to imagine his legacy without reflecting on his "I have a dream" speech.

We asked residents how they feel that speech still rings out today, and what King would say about America now.

"As far as we've come, he would be very, very proud," said Jasmin Barber.

"Certainly, I think first and foremost, he'd probably be astonished that speech alone has lasted," said Holdun Reed.

"Even when race is not that much of an issue, there are still things that divide us today, and he would continue to encourage us to keep moving forward, find the things that separate us, and tear those things down," said Lee Fowlkes.

Fowlkes said it was just this morning, someone told him he should read the speech, a speech many still look to for inspiration fifty years later.

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