Refugee Settlement And Mental Health Forum

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky--Today Community Action of Southern Kentucky invited various community service providers to a Refugee Settlement and Mental Health Forum.

The purpose of the event was to help service providers better understand the refugees that come to Bowling Green and the services they may need.

Coordinators feel that it's important for our community have basic knowledge of the mental health of some of these refugees. Otherwise it may be a little overwhelming trying to figure what's best for them.

"I think that it's a very specialized population and as a result if you don't have that knowledge and skill base it can be a little scary, so as a result hopefully today is giving some basic information", said Amy Cappiccie in the Master of Social Work Program at WKU.

On top of connecting the community to discovering more about Bowling Greens International Communities, refugee settlements dedicate their time to making Bowling Green's refugees self sufficient to help them to overall better adapt to America's society.