UPDATED: Kentucky Lawmakers Pass "Snow Day Bill"

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UPDATED 9:30 PM -- The Warren County Board of Education, at a March 27 meeting, voted 4-1 to make up the remaining seven days missed for inclement weather and end the school year on June 4.

High school graduations will be held Saturday, June 7, and the school board left open having a graduation on June 6 as well, if Western Kentucky University's Diddle Arena is available.

The board's action means that all 13 days missed due to inclement weather will be made up.

BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Spring is here and students are working hard toward the end of the school year, but it wasn't until today that Kentucky Public School systems found out they might be getting a longer summer than most expected.

Kentucky lawmakers have reached an agreement that will allow flexibility in school attendance laws. With some Kentucky Public School systems missing between fifteen and twenty days of school, this will prevent students from having to make up each and every missed day.

After an unusually snowy winter, school officials are excited about the mutual agreement between the Kentucky House and Senate.

"The weather has been, as you know, very challenging for all school districts in our area. We had sixteen days that we were out of school due to inclement weather. With this new legislation, we are going to be able to get out of school on May 29, which is a Thursday. That will be the last day for students," said Cortni Crews, Director of Pupil Personnel, Barren County Schools.

The Snow Day Bill is suspending the law that requires school districts to have one hundred seventy days of classes. Instead, districts must have at least 1,062 hours of classroom instruction.

Officials say, fewer than ten school districts in the state cannot meet this threshold. Therefore, their school year will end on June 6.

Other districts are rearranging their school calendars to qualify.

"It's always an option and we do put it on our calendars as an option. But, we had so many families contact us that had cruises, trips planned, and deposits made, that they couldn't get back," said Cortni Crews, Director of Pupil Personnel, Barren County Schools.

The house will likely pass the bill by Friday morning.

While this bill does give relief to students, employees still have to meet their contracted days. This pushes most school district employees back to June 6.

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