Remembering Camping World Founder David Garvin

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- The Warren County Sheriff's Office responded to Old Richardsville Road early Saturday morning after hearing reports of a person who had fallen from a roof. Sheriff Jerry "Peanuts" Gaines, quickly realized it was his close friend.

"If you got down to it, I'm probably closest thing to a brother David's got, really, because we were that close," Sheriff Gaines said.

He immediately thought of the family members Garvin left behind.

"Well, he has a wife, two boys and two girls. Of course, they have children, so, they are close-knit family people" Sheriff Gaines said.

A former Bowling Green Mayor and teacher remembers Garvin's devotion to his family.

"Over the years, I came to know him in a lot of different capacities. One of them was as a very involved parent of students of mine. All of his four children were in my class at one time or another," Patsy Sloan said.

Sloan also says Garvin committed much of his time and resources to this area, building a camping supply and service company, which has now grown to more than 100 stores throughout United States.

"He loved this community. David Garvin was a proud son of Bowling Green and Warren County, and he gave back to the community in immeasurable ways in far more ways than most people ever realize because David did a lot of things that were private," Sloan said.

Over night, Facebook comments poured in, among the top:

"A great loss to our community," and, "The Garvin's have contributed in a big way to the growth and prosperity of Bowling Green. Love and prayers to the family."

"The David Garvin's of this world do not come along very often. And, we were very privileged here in Bowling Green and Warren County that we had him when we did," Sloan said.

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