Renaud Fired As General Motors Employee

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. -- A former Mayor is now also a former General Motors employee.

As of today, UAW President and General Motors employee, Eldon Renaud, was let go from General Motors. Renaud had been the plant's UAW President since 1982, and served as a Bowling Green Mayor from 1996 through 2000.

We tried to reach out to Renaud throughout the day, but he declined our request for comment.

One Corvette plant worker and UAW member is very upset Renaud was let go and says all sides should be treated the same way.

"Whoever started this stuff with Mr. Eldon should be the same way. He should get the same treatment or whatever. And, if it's all bull, Mr. Eldon needs to go back to work. That's what's wrong with this place. This place is built on people's blood, sweat and tears from the UAW. The management doesn't have the authority to run over us like they run over us," Howard Weeks said.

Weeks also believes Renaud's years of dedication should be taken into consideration.

"You know, the guy's been at GM for 46 years and you're just going to throw him at the door? Come on, man! This is America. It was built on hard workers. You know, it's not a free ride for nobody."

No one is saying just what precipitated Renaud's firing. Corvette officials say they do not comment on issues dealing with personnel.

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