Rep. Jody Richards Talks Sequestration With Students at Jody Richards Elementary

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State Rep. Jody Richards (D) stopped by Jody Richards Elementary in Bowling Green this morning to talk to fifth and sixth grade students about sequestration.

The students are mailing letters to Congressman Brett Guthrie (R-KY) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), and President Obama suggesting alternatives to the budget cuts.

Rep. Richards wanted to talk to the students about what sequestration means to them, pointing out the government's deficit in a way kids might understand.

"I wanted to think of it in terms that they would understand. That at home if you spend more money than you take in then it's a real problem," Rep. Richards says.

"The government should just synergize and work together and come up with a solution they can both agree on," says Jody Richards Elementary 6th grade student, Emily McSween.

"They should put first things first because they've been putting it off and it's kind of gotten worse overtime," says Jody Richards Elementary 5th grade student Andrea Lenoir.

The best letters will be chosen to be read at the Leader in Me Symposium site visit on March 19th.

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