Rep. Meredith Asks To Keep Mammoth Cave Ferry Service Open

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BROWNSVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- U.S. Army Corp of Engineers has proposed to remove one of the dams in Edmonson County in Mammoth Cave National Park.

The proposed removal of the dam would no doubt have a big effect on the Green River above ground, but it also may have a big effect on the river below ground as well.

Rep. Michael Meredith R-Brownsville thinks this could shut down ferry service on the Houchin and Green River Ferries because the water levels will change.

He said he's written a letter to the Corp of Engineers to explore other alternatives.

"The Houchin and Green River ferries serve as a vital transportation link to people living in the northern part of our county, not to mention that nearly $1 million in additional funding would need to be secured to make modifications that would allow both ferries to be operational. Houchin ferry has been temporarily shut down due to the federal sequester cuts that were passed into law a couple of years ago, a move that I feel violates a long held agreement between Mammoth Cave National Park and the people of Edmonson County," said Meredith.

According to park officials, not only would more free flowing water flush built up silt out of the caves, it would also aid endangered species found throughout the park.

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