Hundreds Of Volunteers Clean Up After EF2 Tornado

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LOGAN COUNTY, Ky. (WBKO) - Over 24 hours have past since a tornado struck Logan and Simpson County. Robey Farm, in southern Logan County, was one of the hardest hit areas. Tuesday there were over 100 volunteers already cleaning up the mess.

"Very fortunate to have so much good equipment and so many people here," says Lee Robey.

With the stars and stripes waving proud, Lee Robey is trying to put the family farm back together. Their home may be destroyed, but everyone made it out alive.

"My mother is 83 years old she's laying on the bathroom floor. Brenden, Brooke and myself we were able to stand up and walk out," says Robey.

Soon after the storm hundreds of volunteers arrived to clean up. Some are friends from surrounding counties, while others are residents who refuse to stand back and watch.

"I was in wow like everyone else. I have never seen a tornado come here and hit this bad, not in this area. The next thought was what can I do to help? Because I know they are going to need help cleaning up," says Teresa Snorton.

John Orndorff was working at a home just feet from the farm. He saw the storm forming and immediately began recording. The video shows the tornado ripping apart the Robey Farm. His immediate concern after the tornado passed, was for friends and family down the road.

"I was very fearful because his mother lives right down the road here. When it was coming across those barns it looked like it was coming straight at us and then obviously it turned on the other side of the barns," says Orndorff.

The National Weather Service was out Tuesday surveying the damage. They say the tornado left a 5 mile path of destruction in Logan and Simpson County. They say it remains scaled as a strong EF2 tornado.

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