Restaurant Business Booming in Bowling Green

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The restaurant business seems to be booming in Bowling Green, and Chuy's celebrated one year in Bowling Green today. The tex-mex restaurant is something they say the town needed.

"Alot of our guests were traveling to Nashville and they were telling us, when are you going to come to Bowling Green," said Chuy's General Manager Bruce Rosenblatt.

The decision to open was a good one.

"We definitely have something to celebrate because each week we get more and more sales. We have more first time guests in the city of Bowling Green, and our best advertisement is word of mouth," said Rosenblatt.

That word of mouth advertisement is something one experienced restaurant owner says is vital, and getting it can only be done with hard work and dedication to the customer.

"Try to grow with the community and the market. You have to do that. Keep experimenting I think," said Cambridge Market Owner and Ky Restaurant Assoc. Member Mike Hughes.

That experimenting is something he says has made Cambridge Market a food staple in the community.
Another driving factor bringing restaurants here location.

"Scottsville Rd., which of course its the prime road through Bowling Green, but furthermore, we also have I-65 which is the main interstate. We truly have two cross intersections that bring in business," said Rosenblatt.

But Scottsville Rd. isn't the only area seeing growth.
Vino's recently outgrew it's first location and moved downtown.

"The opportunities downtown Bowling Green has, and the way downtown has been growing with SkyPAC and the Hot Rods, there's alot of other businesses and good things to draw off of," said Vino's General Manager Matt Hartman

The addition of new businesses is something Hartman hopes will keep growing his.

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