Restored Jim Crow Rail Car to be Exhibited in Bowling Green

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The Historic RailPark and Train Museum in Bowling Green is unveiling a piece of civil rights history this week.

The museum found a Jim Crow Car in Glasgow in 2009.

Through donations, grants, and several years of hard work, the museum and its volunteers have restored the car to historical accuracy.

L&N Depot Board Member, Larry Bailey says when they found the car rotting away behind the old Glasgow Train Depot.

"Pieces of the wood were used as a pattern. We had an architect go through and write every piece of the car and design all the documents to rebuild the car and restore it. When you see the car from what it was, I think most people will be absolutely astounded," Bailey says.

The restored Jim Crow car will be loaded and moved to the Bowling Green Historic RailPark Monday.

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