Retired BGPD Police Officer Leaving for Redeployment in Afghanistan

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After serving 21 years for the Bowling Green Police Department, Command Sergeant Major Clark Arnold is being recalled back into the army.

Sgt. Maj. Clark Arnold always had his goals in mind, even at a young age.

"Something in me as a young man always wanted to serve for something greater than I am, be a part of something greater than myself. That's what led me into law enforcement, initially into the military, and then law enforcement," he says.

"The military is a part of his life. He's an all around good guy, a pleasure to work with," says former BGPD Chief Bill Waltrip.

He started his career in boot camp at Fort Knox, and was discharged eight years later where he became a police officer for BGPD.

By the time he retired from police department on January 31st of this year, he had already received his deployment notification.

For the first time in his career he would be going overseas, where he would be in charge of an American prison in Parwan, Afghanistan.

"Our nation has given me its most precious resource-- it's sons and daughters. I'm taking them to a combat theater of operations . It is my duty, my obligation to assure that I take them and bring them home and that we serve honorably," Sgt. Maj. Arnold says.

Sgt. Maj. Arnold will lead hundreds of soldiers in Afghanistan, where he will be part of history.

"Historically it looks as if we may be the last mp brigade out of Afghanistan," he says, "That makes the deployment that much more special to me knowing that I'll have some small part in that hand-off."

Those who have worked with Arnold say he was born a leader.

"I think that's one of the best things you can says about someone, that they are well-respected and Clark is," Waltrip says.

This will be Sgt. Maj. Arnold's fourth deployment.

He was initially supposed to leave tomorrow for Fort Bliss, Texas to train for deployment.

He is now leaving Sunday because he wanted to attend his friend, Brandon Bradshaw's funeral.

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