Rick Williams Wins 4Th Seat for BG City Commission

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Bowling Green's Rick Williams was all smiles last night as he watched the final results for Bowling Green City Commission race, roll across the screen, making him the 4Th commissioner.

Williams talks about his plans to give back to the place he calls home.

"It's a humbling experience to know that that many people are behind you and supportive of you,"says Rick Williams, BG City Commissioner Elect.

You may be used to seeing his face on billboards around town and now your votes have made him an even bigger part of Bowling Green.

"This has always been a unique community in that when something needs to get done the people and citizens find a way to get it done,"says Williams.

While Williams has a passion for the Railpark he hopes to be involved in other areas of the community.

"We've restored a historical gem for this community and whenever you get visitors pulling of the interstate and see what you've done here in Bowling Green it makes you feel good."

In the final poll it would be only 555 votes that would separate Williams and Incumbent Slim Nash.

"I wasn't running against somebody in particular I was running for Rick Williams."

"I'll miss the legislative process I very much enjoy being a Bowling Green City Commissioner and I will relish the three meetings I have left,"says Brian "Slim" Nash, BG City Commissioner.

And when Williams takes office in January he says the people can expect open communication.

"I want to listen, I want to make every decision as fair and right as possible. I have no agenda and I will try to educate myself on every issue as well as I can before I make a decision,"says Williams.

Williams says anytime you want to reach him just visit his website.

Last night, Melinda Hill grabbed the top spot with a little more than 9,000 votes, Joe Denning wasn't far behind, followed by Bill Waltrip, and Williams held onto the 4Th with 7,527 votes.

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