Ride2Recovery to be in Bowling Green

It's called the Ride 2 Recovery and it was created to help wounded warriors.

"This is all about helping us to get out, to get both physically and mentally well, to challenge ourselves, to show ourselves despite everything we've been through, we can charge ahead, and just make a difference," said former soldier Alison Green.

It's a program that's not for fun, it's for rehabilitation to help soldiers who were wounded both physically and mentally.

"We take guys that thought they couldn't do things anymore, and we show them that they can," said Ride 2 Recovery Staff member, Todd Toomey.

The convoy is making it's way across the Commonwealth in the Bluegrass Challenge, starting in Covington and ending in Nashville, all the time fighting seasonably cool temperatures.

"A little chilly, a lot of wind, the hills were pretty tough, but the wind is what did it today," said Toomey.

For each soldier, it's a different experience, but the goal is the same show them they can finish.

"I've injured both my Achilles tendons. I blew out both of my Achilles tendons. So, riding was the furthest thing from my mind, and I came out here with these guys and they showed me I could do it," said Toomey.

For another former soldier, she's not finished she's got another ride.

"From San Francisco to roughly Santa Barbara, which despite my accent, that's where I grew up, in the Santa Barbara area. So, I'm really excited to do that challenge, and to bring this program right through my hometown," said Green.

However, before that race, the Bluegrass Challenge finishes tomorrow.

Ride 2 Recovery is a non-profit organization, which raises money through sponsorships, from businesses like Chevrolet and Macy's.

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