Road Construction Site Turns Fatal

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Near the 3900 block of highway 60-E was the site of the construction accident that happened just before noon today during the reconstruction of highway 90-E in Barren County.

Glasgow-Barren County Emergency Management Services was on the scene following the accident that injured three and killed one construction worker.

"There was an accident, or a malfunction of the forms that we guess," said Glasgow Barren County Emergency Management Director Tony Richey.

The definite cause of the accident is still under investigation, but Richey says the crew was in the process of forming concrete.

"We had three people injured and one fatality. We had one that was stat flighted to Louisville, and the other two, I think were treated... I don't know their conditions, but they were taken to TJ Samson and transported by our local EMS, Barren, Metcalfe EMS," said Richey.

Richey says the names of those individuals have not been released at this time.

"All the state agencies have been notified, and federal agencies, which is OSHA. Anytime there's an accident or fatality, OSHA is always one of the first on the scene, and they were on the scene just a few moments ago," said Richey.

The Kentucky Department of Labor says OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is heading the investigation at this point.

We will continue to update you on the details of this accident as more information is released.