Area Projects in Statewide Road Plan

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- A $4.1 billion road-spending plan passed the Kentucky General Assembly on the final day of the session, avoiding an expensive special session.

Late Tuesday night the Senate approved the plan 37-1, and the House, 71-26.

The plan includes $5.2 billion worth of projects throughout the state. But as much as 25 percent of that money will not be spent. Lawmakers say they like to include a cushion in case some projects are delayed because of environmental concerns or problems acquiring land.

Republicans and Democrats clashed over the plan Monday, and leaders of both parties said it was unlikely they would reach a deal. But lawmakers emerged from hours of closed-door meetings Tuesday, to say they had reached an agreement both bodies could pass.

Here's a few that you'll see upcoming in the next year or two in Warren County.

One of the biggest projects approved in Warren County is an interchange and road to connect the Kentucky Transpark just off of Louisville Road to Interstate 65.

It has been the source of legal controversy, but a recent ruling allowed a roadway to be built.

Bowling Green city officials say this will be a big help in getting more industry into the area.

For this project to be completed it's getting about $37 million dollars over the next three years.

Another big project in the area is to re-build Highway 185 from north of the junction with Kentucky 263 all the way up to the Butler County line.

As several of you know, it's a pretty curvy road and by re-building it, many hope it will cut down on wrecks and make it safer.

This project is getting about $7.5 million dollars in funding.

Onto another project, this one is in the city of Bowling Green.

The state is funding a roundabout at Chestnut Street, 31-W, University Blvd and Loving Way.

It is being built to help with traffic in the area.

The state is providing funding of $2.3 million for the construction.

Moving even further south in Warren County, 31-W is getting a face lift.

Two different expansion projects will take place from just south of Bowling Green all the way down to Michael O. Buchanon Park.

These two projects are getting about $9.5 million dollars.

These are just a few of the many projects included in the road plan.

Area lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they're glad to get the budget and a transportation budget passed this session.

All in all, Warren county is getting about $103 million in funding.

The state also approved funding for Bowling Green's airport to possibly get commercial airline service.

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