Robberies Lead Police to Reactivate Task Force

Bank Robbery
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Back in July, the Citizens First Bank in Franklin was robbed by a woman demanding money, by handing the teller a note.
Yesterday the bank was robbed again.

This time, surveillance footage captured this man with a black bag, armed with a handgun, demanding money, and fleeing.

This is just one of five robberies in Franklin since April. The one month spared from these crimes was August, and police believe there's a good reason.

"During that month we had no armed robberies. We believe we're going to have to reactivate that task force and that detail because of more robberies we've had recently again," said Franklin Police Investigations Commander Lt. Art McFadden.

The task force McFadden speaks of is the Armed Robberies Task Force, an undercover approach that uses unmarked cars and officers in civilian clothes who monitor businesses day and night.
Police are also trying to educate businesses and banks on how to prepare for the unexpected.

"Most banks ask us once a year to give a seminar on robberies... what to do in case of one, how to try and prevent them... and we offer them to all businesses," said Lt. McFadden.

Lieutenant McFadden says the main priority of the seminars is to make sure injuries are prevented in armed robbery situations.
He also has some advice for anyone who may encounter these situations.

"Human life is the priority. If they want your car keys give them to them, your purse... whatever it may be, but under no circumstances go with somebody," said Lt. McFadden.

McFadden says your chances of survival decrease significantly if you leave your location with the offender and become a hostage.

Police are still searching for yesterday's armed robbery suspect. He is described as a white man, about 5ft. 10in. tall and weighs approximately 180 pounds.

He was wearing sunglasses, a dark pullover, a ski mask, and jeans.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Franklin police at (270) 586-8819.

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