Rock Creek Murder Suspects Appear In Court

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -- According to testimony, Adriana Mason met up with Dominique Wortham the night of September 2nd to plan a robbery. Wortham said he fronted Larry Thomas $1,000 worth of marijuana that he never got payment for. According to testimony Wortham and Mason traveled to Thomas' apartment and Mason entered alone.

"The plan that she had was that she was going to get in the shower with the victim and keep him preoccupied." stated Bowling Green Police Detective, Matt Davis.

At that point, according to testimony, Wortham entered the apartment but didn't leave before Thomas and Mason got out of the shower.
Wortham pointed the gun at Thomas and a struggle started.

"Very physical altercation. Fingers wrestling back and forth inside the guns trigger well. At that point Ms. Mason turned to go out the front door and heard what she described to be a loud bang. She then heard our victim yelling 'Ahhh!' as in he'd been shot." added Det. Davis.

According to testimony Wortham and Mason then left and ended up at a hotel on Scottsville road.

"Ms. Mason's statement, she admitted that she had sexual intercourse with the suspect Dominique Wortham at the hotel." said Det. Davis.

After being flown to a Nashville hospital where he later died, Thomas would not give the name of a suspect. Cell phone records led police to Mason, who told police the story a few days later at her home in Paducah.

"This was never intended to be a homicide. It was just a very unfortunate set of circumstances that escalated in a matter of seconds." said Wortham's Attorney, B. Alan Simpson.

"We don't know who pulled the trigger. My client had nothing to do with the shooting." added Mason's Attorney, Dwight Burton.

Though Mason may not have been a part of the actual shooting she ,along with Wortham, is charged with murder.

"The actions of a felony offense that leads to another, any participants in that are subject to the wanton murder statute." stated Warren County Commonwealth Attorney, Chris Cohron.

The commonwealth attorney says the case will be brought before a grand jury within the next 60 days.

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