Roller Coaster Yard Sale Wraps Up

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The Roller Coaster Yard Sale took over Highway 63 and 90 this weekend. The event stretches 150 miles from Cave City down into Tennessee.

"We save stuff all year. We really don't have any other yard sales throughout the year but we can have a lot when this comes around. We actually have people that come back every year because they say we have so much stuff. They enjoy coming here so they always make sure to stop here." said Lacie Lawson who is a veteran of the event.

For some it's a way to get rid of some overdue clutter.

"Everything you think you're going to need ends up in the attic. Once it's there for a year, you think i must not need that so let's get rid of it at the roller coaster the following year." commented Victoria Sutherland who said she loves seeing people come from all over.

"A lot of it actually is nice stuff but we just have so much it's just good to get rid of some of the clutter. A lot of craft shows you have to pay fees. It's just a good way to get rid of stuff." added Lawson.

For others the yard sale is a way for people to give up something that others might really need.

"We had a man come here. I don't think he had very much. We had a couple of tires in the sale. They were new tires. He had like twenty-five dollars on him. We ended up letting him have them for like three dollars a piece. Just because he needed them and we didn't." said Sutherland of the generous nature of the event.

This is the 26th Year of the Roller Coaster Yard Sale and after all those years the event still manages to help residents make some cash and some memories.

"My Mom, my Grandma, my Great-Grandma, my Great Aunt and me always have a lot of stuff and we like to spend the day together and get rid of a lot of junk." said Lawson.

"You know my mom is getting older, my father passed away and so we don't get together as much as we'd like to. It's a way for us to spend a couple days together and just chat about every thing and talk about everything." added Sutherland.

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