Ronnie Dunn Rocks SKyPAC

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The sounds of country music came alive Thursday night at SKyPAC as thousands packed the house to see Ronnie Dunn perform and of course it was all about supporting the 17 local charities involved with this years Holiday Bash.

"The Center for Courageous Kids is excited to be a part of Holiday Bash but the fact that they added this pre-holiday concert and Ronnie Dunn is here tonight to entertain everybody we are so excited. You can feel the electricity in the air," says Communications Director for the Center for Courageous Kids Stormi Murtie.

The excitement could be seen on some very special kids faces who were lucky enough to meet Ronnie Dunn before the big show.

"I really like his song "Boot Scootin Boogie". My dad introduced him to me," says Janah, who was there with Junior Achievement.

Kids, like Janah, were from various local charities who wanted to personally thank Ronnie Dunn for his support. Paula Kirby says Thursday nights concert has generated thousands for the Holiday Bash charities.

"To have Ronnie Dunn come into town and do this concert we have a sold out packed house and we are just so excited to have this. This is going to generate over $100,000 to go back to the charities," says Kirby.

But Kirby says none of that money would be possible without the generosity of those across our area.

"I think South Central Kentucky is amazing, I think these charities are amazing. I think the work they have done is incredible and I think for the event itself it says a lot to have Ronnie Dunn come into town and do this," says Kirby.

Kirby hopes the success of tonights concert carries into the November 30 Holiday Bash.

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