Roof Collapses on Boats at Narrow's Marina

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Snow collapsed the roof of Narrow's Marina, on Barren River Lake.

The owner of the marina says roughly four house boats are under the metal roof and one boat has sunk. The owner confirms the heavy snow and ice are the cause of the roof cave-in.

"When you figure up water, per square foot (inch thick) is roughly about 4.89 pounds. When you figure out the square footage that is up there, you're talking about two hundred fifty thousand pounds on top of that roof. It bent the post legs over (right above the walk way) and it just laid the roof over, right on top of the boats," said Wayne Shelton, Narrow's Marina owner.

The own says there is no report of gas leaking. He is urging sightseers not to visit the marina at this time. The ramp and parking lot are covered in ice and the boat dock is extremely slick.

After the ice melts, the owner plans on removing the metal roof,piece by piece.

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