Rotary Club Working With Habitat for Humanity to Build a New Home

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The Habitat for Humanity and the Bowling Green Rotary Club are partnering to give one family a home, and one doctor donated thousands of dollars to fund the project.

When Dr. Rajah Kara of Louisville decided to donate $40,000 to the Bowling Green Rotary Club to help the Habitat for Humanity build a home, it meant more than just money.

"He wanted to do this as a way to show appreciation to the Warren County/Bowling Green community for his 40 plus years of practice here in Bowling Green," says Rotary Club President, Jim Allen.

As a current Louisville Rotary Club member, Dr. Kara helps the Habitat for Humanity build homes when needed.

Allen says Dr. Kara wanted to do the same for his former hometown.

"It's right down our alley of doing community service, and here's an opportunity that was given to us and we hope to take full advantage of it," he says.

"Any donation means a great deal to us because we live on the donations and to have this kind of donation, it takes a lot of pressure off us. It means another family that can be served," says Habitat for Humanity Executive Director, Rodney Goodman

In 12 to 16 weeks, a refugee family of six will have a permanent home.

"This will be the first time in years that they've had stability and they are going to have a place they can call home, and they can have a garden. It means a great deal to that family," Goodman says.

Not only is the rotary club funding this project, but they will also have a first-hand involvement with giving a family a home.

"We are actually going to pick up hammers and saws and nails and go to work, and we are actually going to be involved in the actual construction of the house," Allen says.

On March 2nd, the rotary club and the Habitat for Humanity will work together to start building the home.

Dr. Kara, along with the Habitat for Humanity, will be at the Bowling Green Rotary Club meeting Wednesday to discuss the plans for the project.

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