Russell County Teen Challenging Wildlife Officer

RUSSELL SPRINGS, Ky. (WBKO) -- Russell County 17-year-old Jacob Taylor was riding four wheelers this summer with some friends in a wildlife management area in Russell County.

Fish and Wildlife Resource Officer Wayne Wilson pulled him and two other friends over, but Taylor said he was the only one who got a ticket.

"I felt very disappointed they gave Jacob the citation and not the other children. If all of them are guilty, give all of them tickets not just pick and choose one," said Taylor's mother Toni Withers.

Taylor said Wilson told him it was just a warning, but he had to go to court and ultimately served a few hours community service for trespassing on a Wildlife Management area.

However, that was just the beginning.

About a month later, Taylor said he ran into officer Wilson at a local gas station.

"I went to ask him why I had to appear in court when it was just a warning. He said that wasn't the place to talk about it, the best thing I could do was get back in the truck. I leaned up against the post to talk to him and I said what's the big deal? He said I'm only going to tell you one more time. I said I'm just trying to ask you a question. He jumped out and shoved me up against the truck and arrested me for no reason," said Jacob Taylor.

The security footage breaks up and skips ahead a bit, but Taylor said he ended up in the back of Wilson's truck in handcuffs, facing disorderly conduct and menacing charges.

"It's escalated to giving me a bad name in the county, and him threatening me after I'm 18, that he will have me in jail for some reason or another," said Taylor.

Taylor said he now has a curfew and his family is collecting signatures for a petition to have the officer removed.

Officer Wilson said this evening he is not allowed to comment on the matter, but he said he would have his superior officer contact WBKO.

County Attorney Kevin Shearer said he could not comment on any juvenile related matters.

Taylor pleaded not guilty to the charges, and has hired an attorney from Jamestown to represent him.

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