Russellville County Club Auctioned

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The Russellville Country Club was auctioned off this morning.

This following low membership and tough economic times that left the members incapable of supporting the facilities.

The club was auctioned off in two tracks. The club house and just under 2 acres surrounding it were sold in the first track, and the golf course, pool, and tennis courts in the second.

The president and club member with the longest membership hope the sale will bring the club back to life.

"We're looking forward if the new owners are who we think they are, they're going to keep it as a club. That way, we'll still have a place to go enjoy ourselves," said the Russellville Country Club member with the longest membership, and club president Harold Ray Johns.

Mike Riley, the realtor in charge of the auction says the owner to be is from Chicago, and is not being named at this time, but plans to re-open the restaurant and facilities.

The two tracks were purchased together for 442 thousand dollars.

Over a hundred people were in attendance, and nearly 80 people registered to bid in the auction.

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