UPDATED: Russellville Murder

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UPDATED 5:43PM -- Thirty-six year old Brad Rigney was found dead in his home on Rhea Blvd. in Russellville Saturday evening. His neighbors say they would never have expected something like this to happen in their neighborhood, or to someone who seemed so kind.

"I have not heard of any crime like this for quite some time in the city, and certainly since I've lived in this neighborhood all my life, this is the first thing of this nature that's ever happened," said neighbor Ed Bush.

Bush, a volunteer firefighter, couldn't believe there was a homicide investigation taking place in his neighborhood when he arrived home from training Saturday night and saw blue lights lining the street.

"There was multiple law enforcement agencies and an ambulance up the street. The only thing I could think of at the time was probably an accident up there, so I went up there to offer my assistance and I found out that it was some type of problem with my neighbor that apparently was found deceased," said Bush.

Russellville police say they arrived at the home on 524 Rhea Blvd. at around 7:30p.m. Saturday after 36 year old Brad Rigney brother found his body inside the house. Detectives say they believe the homicide happened sometime between Friday and Saturday.

"The autopsy was completed yesterday, Sunday December 29. Initial finding were blunt force trauma to the head," said Russellville Police Detective Samantha Reeser.

Detective Reeser says they are still searching for suspects. Both Reeser and Bush say Rigney, who was deaf and lived alone with his pet boxer, appeared to have no enemies.

"Mr. Rigney was deaf, but everyone we've spoken to said he got along with everybody and was very well liked in the community," said Detective Reeser.

"All I knew was he walked the dog up and down the street and was a fine person as far as I know," said Bush.

Detective Reeser says the homicide investigation is ongoing, and they ask anyone with information to contact the Russellville Police Department, or Crime Stoppers at (270) 726-5050.

RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- According to the Russellville Police Department the body of Brad Rigney, 36, was discovered at his home on Rhea Blvd. on Saturday December 28th.

An autopsy was performed on Sunday, December 29th with preliminary indications of blunt force trauma to the head. Final autopsy results are still pending.

Police say Rigney was deaf and lived alone with his dog.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Russellville Police Department at (270) 726-7669 or Crime Stoppers (270) 726-5050.

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