Russellville Police Searching For Vehicle In Murder Case

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RUSSELLVILLE, Ky. (WBKO) -- Police in Russellville are asking for the help of the community to solve a murder case dating back to December 28. They said witness testimony has led them to believe a vehicle may be a big factor in the case.

Police said that vehicle is a 2002 gold Chrysler PT Cruiser, and it may be bearing the Kentucky license plate 000-PCJ.

"We believe it was parked in front of Mr. Rigney's home the day he was killed. It was last operated by a Gerald Benjamins of Hopkinsville. We are asking the citizens if it was sold or concealed in the community somewhere," said Russellville Police Detective, Samantha Reeser.

Police said Benjamins told them he sold the vehicle to a junkyard in Hopkinsville, but they haven't been able to find it. They also said they questioned Benjamin but he wasn't arrested. Neighbors tell WBKO although the vehicle may have been out front the day that Rigney was killed by blunt force trauma, they don't recall it being there on a regular basis.

"I don't ever remember seeing that vehicle there," recalled neighbor Bill McCoy.

The people of the neighborhood do say they're glad to hear progress is being made in the startling case that has many of them still on high alert.

"There's a lot of older people in the neighborhood with all of the older homes. Some of them are not going to feel safe knowing there's somebody out on the loose, if they're close or coming back," added McCoy.

The Russellville Police Department said a big part of the investigation has been help from the community giving them plenty of information and tips. They urge anyone else who has any type of information to give them a call at (270) 726-7669.

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